solomon's robes

Solomon's Robes is an initiative that want to see the people of our town feel loved and cherished. We want individuals to become involved in community and feel able to contribute to the lives of others - leading our town to be known for its people reaching their potential and our community being active, thriving and inclusive. 

It aims to encourage people to see their own abilities, and help them develop the talents and skills that they already have. This is with the firm belief that as people see their own value and worth, they will feel part of community and they will become the towns' greatest asset.

Solomon's Robes help people see that they belong, have worth, are equals and can progress despite their past. As a project we are seeking to serve people who, through various circumstances, have become marginalised in our society. Offering people a safe place where they can chat, socialise, have a meal and choose some quality clothing. This all happens in an atmosphere of respect, dignity and confidentiality. Solomon's Robes aim to offer a royal experience to all who come into contact with them.

How it works

Solomon's Robes operates through "Pop Up" events where we present our clothing in a retail type display. Vouchers to attend the event are given through our Church and also through local food banks.

You will be welcomed with lunch and refreshments in our Café whilst awaiting the clothes viewing. The events run on a family by family basis and we give each family a "personal shopper" to help them locate and chose clothes, so please bear with us. We invite people to come to our next pop up if there is a need and re-referrals are available.

Please like our Facebook page for more information.

Contact us

If you feel you need to access Solomons Robes for yourself or someone you know, or just for some more information - please don't hesitate to get in touch.

You can contact Julie Leyland - Project Co-Ordinator on 07948 828269 or email by clicking here. You can also contact Julie about any donations.

Our Aim

Our aim is simple.

Treat people as Jesus would.

Restore dignity and respect.

Banish shame.

Bring love to those who feel isolated.

Eradicate loneliness.

Promote community and involvement.